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We provide quality services to customers from the industrial sector. From high-strength micro-architectural components to fiber optic connectors, industrial components that require high performance, high reliability, and maintain a competitive cost. 

The wide range of applications for industrial products demands a supplier who is capable of meeting both small and large batch-manufacturing requirement, our first and cost effective tooling capability coupled with our large installed manufacturing capacity affords the ability to manage the largest production requirements.

1、Electronics and Telecom Industry:hard disc drive parts、electronic packaging、printing head、heat sink material、cable connector、mobile phone hinge、laptop hinge、mobile phone crust、watchcase、watch chain

2、AutomotiveIndustry: ignition control module、airbag sensor module、brake component、turbo、magnet sensorseat、pressure control & flowmeter component of fuel injection system、pothook of driving system、engine rocker、oxygen sensor of engine management system、cruise sensorseat

3、Mechanical& hardware Industry: micro motor parts、cutting tool、 micro gear wheel、 special three-dimensional parts、drillstock、arc tooth、blade clamp、coupling device、multifunctional tool

4、MedicalIndustry:orthodonticbrackets、radiationprotection shield、surgicalscalpel、implanteddevices

5、Others:golf head cover、fishing gear parts、lock parts、more applications

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